General Piano Moving

Pictures taken from different piano moving jobs that Braymore has performed over the years.

Crane Upright Piano

An example of Braymore Piano Movers using its crane service to deliver this upright piano safely to the second floor. In this situation, craning this new piano was much safer than taking apart the piano into pieces and attempting the stairs.

Schimmel Pegasus Piano Move

The Schimmel Pegasus Grand Piano is one of Schimmels most fancy and unique pianos. Due to its shape and weight, it cannot be moved by traditional means. Moving this piano requires more manpower, higher level of care and attention to detail above and beyond standard piano moving.

Steinway Custom Concert Grand

This is a custom redone Steinway Concert Grand Piano. By piano moving standards this is one of the most difficult pianos to move since the legs do not come off this piano. This is a job that most movers and piano movers would walk away off due to lack of equipment, manpower and risk involved in moving this piano.

Island Cottage Piano Move

Braymore is not just a local Toronto Piano Mover. Braymore delivers piano all over Ontario and into Quebec. Here is an upright piano move from an island cottage

Grand Piano Sissor Lift Move

When cranes are not an option due to trees and overhead wires: Braymore Piano Movers considers all the options for doing your move. Braymore is equiped to handle situations that other movers cannot do. Here is Braymore using a sissor lift to remove a piano out of this persons home.