Letters from Previous Braymore Customers
I just wanted to thank the movers who moved my piano today. They were careful,
and friendly and courteous. It was a pleasure having them in the home. They did
a fabulous job putting it exactly where I wanted it. They are great employees,
especially on such a hot day.

Thank you for such a great service!!!

Samantha Coimbra


I would just like to compliment Lance and his crew for the excellent job they
did of moving our piano today. Lance had tried to move it yesterday with a large
truck, but was unable to negotiate the narrow driveway and steep hill, so he
returned today with a smaller truck and an extra helper. They were still unable
to get the truck up the hill, so they slid the piano on its attached frame all
the way down the hill to the truck. It was fortunate that there were three men
to maneuver the piano down the hill.

My wife and I were very impressed with the professional and good- humoured way
in which the move was carried out. I will be pleased to recommend Braymore on
the basis of the fine work performed by Lance and his crew.

We took some pictures which I will forward to you once I can find the cable to
connect the camera to the computer. Thank you again.


Hi Sonia,

I wanted to thank you and the team (Lance, etc.) who moved our piano. Everyone
was extremely pleasant to work with and I can’t get over how smoothly the move
went! Our dog even loved Lance and his team!

We have a family business and take pride in our approach to customer service so
it is easy for me to recognize a company who shares a similar approach – well

Enjoy your spring! Thanks again!

Kind Regards, Nikki

Just wanted to send you a short note to say thanks to you and your team for the
quality job you did in moving our piano to our new house in Etobicoke.

First of all, you were helpful to me in rescheduling the appointment on short
notice when I was ill. Your help in accommodating our moving schedule made it

Also, the three guys who showed up were great. They were on time, courteous and
very professional in their approach to moving the piano. Its nice to see three
guys work so well together as a team.

We will have no hesitation in using your service again or recommending it our

Best regards Brian Barr

On August 17th, 2009 I had a piano moved from my late grandmothers
home to my home.  I had the pleasure of working with your movers, Sherwin,
Khalil and Christian.  They were professional, respectful and extremely
patient.  The move occurred later on in the day and was reported to have
been one of the hottest days of the year.  Not once did they complain; in
fact, they took it all in stride with smiles and positive comments the whole

Both my husband and I are extremely grateful for all there help but most
importantly their perseverance.  This was not an easy piano to move.

Once again, thank you to those gentlemen and Braymore for taking great care of
our piano.


Rick and Michelle Esposito

Just wanted to let you know that the move went well.  Your staff was very
helpful and professional and I would recommend Braymore Delivery Services to
anyone interested in moving a piano.

Thank you for helping us move our piano into our new home.  It looks very
good in its place.

Corey Tebo

I’m writing this email to let you know about the
exceptional service I received on July 21st 2009. Lance and his team were very
professional and efficient. In fact, I am so impressed with the service
I received I recommended Braymore to three other people that are moving. I will
also recommend Braymore to anyone I know for that matter. My mother who
participated in the move, had only good things to say about the movers. I
researched this company extensively beforehand, and you definitely lived up to
your expectations.

I want to end by thanking Lance and his team, for making this move a pleasant
experience. I also wanted to extend my compliments to you for responding to my
emails promptly and professionally.
Take Care,
Laura Spano

Just to say thanks for the great job John and his crew did moving the 7-foot
Fazioli into and out of the Frum’s garden.They were really good at their jobs and good guys to boot!  Many thanks for agreeing to take this
on and at such a good price. It made
for an absolutely fabulous mid-summer’s evening event in that garden.

as ever,

Eric Friesen

I just wanted to express our appreciation for the extremely smooth piano move.
The guys were very efficicient and professional, and our FAZIOLI was happy to
share the truck with Louis Lortie’s FAZIOLI as it was on it’s way to Roy
Thompson Hall!! I hope some of his talent rubbed off on my piano while it shared
the ride – haha! Thanks again – and we will definitely call you again in the
future when we need to move it again.
Regards, Audrey and Fred Ortbach
I am sending you this message to thank you for your work moving our instrument
yesterday. Your team was efficient, professional and helpful. They are also very
strong! I would have no hesitation working with you in the future or
recommending your services. Please forward my appreciation to your guys. Thanks

Sincerely, Robert

I had my Baby Grand Piano delivered today, you guy’s were wonderful! My piano is
beautiful and it was delivered to me just perfectly! I was extremely excited
about the delivery and you guy’s let me totally enjoy the moment. I will most
certainly use you guy’s again. Thank you again.


My family and I wanted to thank you very much for making our mother’s move into
her retirement home so pleasant. The three men you sent to help move her were
wonderful. They were so pleasant and hard working. Braymore is lucky to have
them. Again, thank you for all of your kind help.

Sincerely, Julia Smith

We knew the Braymore crew was likely to be competent, having been in the piano
moving business for years, and coming highly recommended. We were unprepared for
just how efficient, as well as personable, the three guys turned out to be. They
treated our beloved instrument with a tremendous amount of care and concern.
When they left, my wife and I just turned to each other in disbelief. I guess we
picked the right company. Thanks so much for being so good!

Sincerely, Jason Jones Toronto

I want to extend my gratitude to the team of 3 professionals who moved my piano
for me this past Friday. On a very difficult approach to getting it moved into
my home they showed diligence, patience, strength and accuracy. The piano was
successfully moved without a scratch to it or my house. An excellent team you
have there. My thanks!

Kind regards, Fred Houpt

Your team just left my house after moving the piano to the basement. I just
wanted to send a quick note to say they were fantastic. They were very careful
with the piano, and also made every effort not to get the floors dirty with
their shoes/boots. I would definitely recommend them to anyone I know who needs
to move a piano! Thanks!


Just wanted to send you a quick note to thank you for the piano move yesterday.

My parents were so impressed with the two men that moved the piano from their
house to mine! In addition to being quick, careful and professional they were
very friendly and engaging. Excellent ambassadors for your company! Please be
sure to pass on my thanks to them.

I will certainly call you first for any future moves.

Sincerely, Ryan

Thanks for arranging the move. It went off without a hitch. Your staff were
truly professional & efficient.

Regards, Peter Tong


Just wanted to let you know our move went very smoothly – the guys were very
professional and efficient. Great work.

Thank-you, Lisa

I cannot express my gratitude for Braymore’s professional service.  My
Yamaha U3 upright piano was located on the second floor and was scheduled to be
moved this afternoon.  I was very impressed with the moving team that was
led by John and the two Pauls.

They arrived within the time period you told me.  I was amazed by their
professional knowledge, efficiency and friendliness.  They were able to
expertly navigate through tight corners and narrow staircase.  In the end,
the piano and my drywall were both intact!!

I will highly recommend your service to anyone who needs to move a piano. 
If anyone requests reference from you, I will be very happy to help out.

Enclosed is a small token of appreciatino.  Please Enjoy.

Yours Truly,
Winnie Wong

Thank you for your brilliant document on piano moving! I wish that you were
closer so that I could utilize your services, because the information that you
have given me will save me countless dollars when the time comes to move my
piano. I wanted to say thank you for putting forth the time and effort to share
this information for free. You Rock!!

Cheo Jackson Irving,


I want to thank you again for all your help–you kept me from having a heart
attack. The guys did a great job and were really nice. I see why Braymore has
such a good reputation! I may be in touch again to have Greg come and buff the
piano. In the meantime, have a great weekend.

All best, Diana

To Whom It May Concern, I am writing to commend Lance and the other gentleman,
whose name I failed to get, who handled the pick up at the address noted above
this afternoon. Not only were they courteous and efficient, removing the piano
with little problem, but they went over and above when they stopped to help me.

You see, I live next door at (address removed) so I was home to let them
in. When I left my house, the door closed behind me and although it wasn’t
locked, the handle somehow jammed stopping me from getting back in. When I
realized what had happened, the Braymore truck hadn’t left yet so I asked Lance
if he would give it a try. I figured his grip would be much stronger than mine.

With a bit of convincing, Lance was able to get the door handle to work. He got
me back into my house, without breaking a window which would have been my next
choice. They saved me a lot of time, money and frustration and I am very

I just wanted to bring this to your attention, as I know a lot of people will
write when something is wrong, but I believe in letting someone know when a job
is well done. With employees like Lance and the other gentleman I will remember
Braymore and wouldn’t hesitate to use your service if the need ever arises.

Sincerely, Kate Widgery

I just wanted to send a note of thanks, everything went very well yesterday. I
did almost cancel yesterday as just after we spoke on the phone I found out the
my grandfather passed away, but your guys were very quick and efficient and
there were no problems at all. I also wanted to note that the gentleman that
delivered it to my home was very knowledgeable and kind as well let me know of
someone to get it tuned from. I it nice to know that he was not just moving an
item he was moving something precious.

Thank you, Theressa McGowan

To whom it may concern,

Just wanted to compliment Troy and Sherwin on your professionalism with dealing
with the transport of our Sherlock Manning piano. I really appreciate the care
you took in removing it from our home and your friendly but professinal
approach. I also thank you for coming back since I had taken the morning off
work to deal with this. I feel confident that the piano is in good hands!

Kind regards, Frances Lamb

We’ve finally unpacked the piano bench…the last step. I was not only pleased
with the way the piano and bench were crated but shocked that even after four
years, the piano was still relatively in tune…not perfect, but not horrific!
We are thrilled with the services provided by Braymore and impressed with the
moving expertise of AMJ Campbell in Montreal.

If you wish to use this e-mail as a testimonial, please feel free to do so.

Again my sincere thanks for everything!

Cheryl Ryshpan

I just wanted to let you know the move was a great success. Lance and Andrew
were very professional and I was impressed with them. I will be sure you use
your company in the future.

All the best, Brian

My wife called to tell me what a pleasure it is to deal with people who are
reliable, courteous and know exactly what they are doing. Your movers came on
time, were polite, knew exactly how to take the legs off the piano and gave us a
complete inventory of any marks on the piano.

Thank you so much, Ilan

I just wanted to send an Email to you to compliment your team on moving my piano
on Friday. Talk about knowledgeable professionals!!! I had this very old upright
piano moved downstairs about 18 years ago by some local movers, and during the
move, two of them were nearly crushed with the weight. Due to that experience, I
had been DREADING the day when I had to move it back up the stairs (with a 90
degree angle). I was amazed when your team simply looked at the piano,
recognized the manufacturer, and immediately set to work to disassemble it.
Within a half hour, they had it in multiple pieces (which I couldn’t bear to
watch), and shortly after, had everything moved into the truck. They then
reassembled the piano within the next 20-30 minutes and were set to go for
delivery. Everyone was pleasant and courteous. They told me of their arrival
time in Meaford, and were there at the expected time. After a short debate as to
how best move the piano over a freshly dug trench, over the wet clay and into
the garage door (which is still 2 feet above final grade), they proceeded again
to easily move the piano into the garage. Ten minutes later, its down in the new
basement without a scratch. I can’t tell you how much I appreciated the manner
in which everyone worked on Friday. I would also like to give you a personal
thank-you, as I mentioned that I was trying to coordinate the installation of a
big propane tank in Meaford, and needed to be there in the afternoon, and you
were able to meet my request to have them arrive early in the morning, so that I
could keep my later appointment. Thanks again to the Braymore team. Everyone
that plays piano has a special feeling for their instruments, I appreciated the
special care and attention that the team took while moving it. Great work!!!


A delighted customer

Eric Stackhouse